This quiz will figure out when A.I. will take your job

By on April 24, 2018 in 

Social perceptiveness

1. Does your job require you to pick up on body language, voice tone or social behavior?


2. Do you have to facilitate or engage in negotiation in your job?


3. Does your job require you to convince others or change their mind?

Assisting and caring for others

4. Do you provide physical or mental care for others in your job?


5. Do you have to come up with unusual and creative solutions to problems?

Fine arts

6. Does your job involve creating art, music, choreography, photography or other fine art?

Finger dexterity

7. Does your job require high finger dexterity? (manipulate small objects)

Manual dexterity

8. Does your job require manual dexterity? (use tools or instruments)

Work in a cramped work space

9. Does your job require you to work in small cramped spaces?

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